What a Year!

It has been quite a year. Through my journey, I have learned so many important lessons. I’ve learned what to do and most definitely what not to do. Designing and finding muses and inspiration are the fun part of this process. I have such a love and passion for designing for people. My love for making people look and feel their best is indescribable. I’m hooked!

The feeling I get when someone is wearing something that I’ve created is second to none. I love being challenged and I love being forced out of my comfort zone to try different things.

I’ve learned to pace myself. I’ve learned that social media is a beast and a machine. I’m still trying to learn and utilize it, because it is the most powerful tool.

I’ve had quite a few setbacks this year with deaths and sickness in the family. Grieving is a tough process. I’ve had to put my personal life ahead of my business life. First and foremost, family always comes first. Things didn’t always go as planned. I’ve learned to let myself breathe and to be okay with this. Very difficult for me. But, I feel blessed to have made it through.

I had to remember why I formed this clothing line and business in the first place. At the end of the day, I love what I do. Designing, creating, and making clothes is my true passion. This is what I was meant to do. Life is filled with ups and downs. I’ve come to appreciate my successes and to learn from and to embrace my failures.

I’m currently working on fall. Im set to put out the line in two weeks. I am extremely excited and set to do a nice, quality photo shoot with my beautiful models. So, stay tuned. Much will be posted.❤️

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