Fashion Tips for different sizes and shapes.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Let's face it. We all want to look and feel our best. We are who we are, and sometimes all of the diet and exercise in the world cannot transform you into your "ideal" body type. Case in point. We are our own worst critic, and can be way too hard on ourselves. That said, here's an idea. Let's embrace where we are and who we are this very day to look and feel our best.

Full- figured and curvy

Do not try to hide your curves by wearing huge flowy shirts. This simply does not work. It makes a woman look larger than she actually is. I myself, am a tall and overweight woman. I've tried time and time again to camouflage my gut and my rear by wearing long over sized shirts, only to immediately take it off and decide against that choice. Tempting to try and hide, but trust me. It will only make you feel worse. Black of course is a go to color, but do you really want to be in black from head to toe? unless it's a dress, of course.The only way that all black works on a set is if the blacks match perfectly, or if you have something to break it up. For instance, If you have a black sweater or cardigan and you put a different colored shirt underneath to layer and peek out at the bottom, it will work perfectly.

Larger up top and smaller on bottom?

Opt for a darker shirt. Black, navy, gray,ect.

Pear shaped? Where a light colored shirt and a darker bottom.

*Ruching is a fashion must. No matter your size, ruching makes everyone and everything look better on. Even if a woman is smaller busted, ruching has a way of distracting and making her look more enhanced. It's one of the greatest inventions ever! I don't know who came up with this, but THANK YOU!!!

Spanx or shapers? This is a personal preference. When I was a seamstress and salesperson at a dress shop, my boss swore against spanx. I get it. The extra weight has to go somewhere. She always suggested a smoother. Honestly, it depends on what you're wearing and and basically giving it a try. For me, I'm a Spanxs/shaper girl. I manage to get the waist part all the way up under my bra and no bulges. It works for me. But, if you feel like a stuffed sausage? a smoother would be a better and more comfortable option.

Let's revisit smaller on the bottom. White is your best friend and bless you that you can wear a white bottom. All light colors look favorable on you. Stay away from darker colors as they will make you look even smaller.

Big busted? First and foremost, get a bra that properly fits. I literally have to take my daughter to Victoria's secret to get fitted every year. A good quality bra is everything. Double bubble? No good. Gapping? No good. A proper fitting bra will make you feel like a million bucks and you will brim with confidence.

Small chest? Lucky for you girls, we have come such a long way and there are so many options for you. Get a good quality push up bra. Something with good padding on the bottom portion of the breast. This gives you the extra push that you need. The Pink store is a master at creating these bras.

Petite woman? Do not wear things that cut you off. The key is to wear clothing that will elongate your body. V-necks are great. Also, something with a plunging neckline will look beautiful. Wear a cute little wedge to and wear something to make your legs look longer. a cute mini skirt, skinny jeans, leggings. If you have a larger torso, wear something cute and cropped. Steer away from longer shirts as this will make your upper body appear longer.

Taller? Capris were always my go to. They cut off your legs just the right amount, if that's what you're going for. If your're wearing a mini dress? Appreciate those legs. Can legs ever be long enough? Also, if you do not want to add height, but want to look dressy, go for a cute flat with a cute tie up or ankle bracelet detail.

I hope that these tips are helpful. If you have any suggestions, or anything to add, please feel free to comment. We are all a work in progress and always eager learn how to look and feel our very best.

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